Friday Fox Follies – Waging War

If you’re wondering why you need to clean your tee vee screen, Fox “News” just had its second Wargasm in a week with this morning’s BREAKING NEWS ALERT about terrorists taking hostages at a Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, Mali. This follows last week’s horrific attack in Paris for which Fox “News” couldn’t decide who to blame more, President Obama, all Muslims, the victims, or our freedoms, as Fox News Pundits Rush To Politicize Paris Terror Attacks.

Regardless of the blame, Fox News Uses The Paris Attacks To Start The Drumbeat For More War, as Fox News Exploits French Terror Raid With Breathtaking Hideousness. This as God’s personal BFF, Fr. Jonathan Morris, Pimps More US Middle East Involvement, while the Right-Wing Media Advocate For Bombing Of Syrian Cities, Dismissing Concerns Over Civilian Deaths.

So glad to learn about the Conservative Media’s Nonsensical Solution To Terror Attacks: More Concealed Guns, of course.

BLAMING POTUS: Fox Wastes No Time Blaming Obama For Paris Terror Attacks, as Fox’s Megyn Kelly ‘Just Asks’ If President Obama Is To Blame For Paris Terror Attacks, and O’Reilly Rips Obama: ‘Delusional’ If He Honestly Thinks ISIS Strategy Is Working.

Yet, isn’t it funny how O’Reilly Once Said Terror Attack Would Get Bush Reelected, Now Says It Would Tarnish Obama As Worst U.S. President? Which is reminiscent of When Fox News Didn’t Blame The White House For A Huge Terror Attack In Europe.

The deranged attacks on President Obama continued all week:

Megyn Kelly Partners With Glenn Beck To
Blame President Obama For Paris Attacks

Fox’s Jesse Watters: Obama Has Imported
“Dangerous Things” Like “Ebola Into America”

On Fox, Dennis Miller Says Obama Won’t Get
“Nasty” With ISIS Because He Has “Islamic Sympathies”

Fox’s Ralph Peters Compares Obama To
Jefferson Davis, President Of The Confederacy

Fox’s Ralph Peters: I’m Waiting For Obama
To Bring Eric Holder Out Of Retirement “To
Lead A New Movement, Jihadi Lives Matter”

Proving he’s no less biased than anyone else on the network, Usually Dispassionate Fox News Anchor Bill Hemmer Goes Off on Obama Terror Speech. Then the very next day Bill Hemmer Defends His ‘Editorializing’ After Monday’s Obama Address: I Feel France’s Grief:

This morning Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy said, “Bill after you made what seemed to me — well, you were stating the obvious — some columnists and whatnot and people on the internets [sic] said ‘What’s he doing editorializing?’ What were you doing?”

Hemmer somberly responded, “I guess my sense Steve was that 60-70% of people in American polling believe the strategy against ISIS is not a winning strategy. And after being here in Paris and just feeling the sense of grief that these people have… they wanted to hear how we can be successful.”

This excuse-making comes as Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle Exploits Refugee Crisis To Blow The ‘Obama Secret Muslim’ Dog Whistle:

Kimberly Guilfoyle paused her leg waving for the camera yesterday in favor of another attention-getting ploy: suggesting President Obama prefers foreign Muslims to Americans.

“He’s more fired up about demonizing Republicans than he is about destroying ISIS,” Guilfoyle accused. Don’t tell us she didn’t know that she was suggesting our president prefers radical, Muslim enemies to Americans, winky-wink.

It doesn’t get any less FAIR & BALANCED than that, but they’ll try again next week.

BLAMING ALL MUSLIMS: More disgusting than the POTUS-pointing was how Fox “News” blamed every Muslim in the world for the Paris attacks. This is just a small sampling:

Fox Business Chyron: “Close All U.S. Mosques?”Fox’s Tantaros Claims “Older” Muslim Immigrants Are Not The Problem, “It’s Their Kids, It’s Their Offspring”Sean Hannity Falsely Claims Muslims “Don’t Speak Out Enough” Against ExtremismFox Analyst Calls French Muslims ‘Welfare Queens’‘Totally Pro-Immigrant’ Tucker Carlson Can’t Stand The Thought Of Syrian RefugeesBrian Kilmeade Endorses Christians-Only Refugee Policy!Fox Contributor’s Safety Guide For Terrorism: Put Bacon In Hollow Point Bullets

In Mediaite’s ‘That’s Not Xenophobia!’ Fox’s Gutfeld, Williams Battle Over GOP Refugee Rhetoric we learn:

On Fox’s The Five today, Greg Gutfeld pushed back against the idea that it’s xenophobic for people to worry about refugees, and ended up clashing with Juan Williams.

Gutfeld found it insulting that President Obama was mocking Republicans for legitimate concerns about not wanting their loved ones to die. He snarked that maybe Obama would be more outraged about ISIS if someone told him they have a high carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, Bill O’Reilly [says] to Muslim Guest: You Need a ‘Million Muslim March’ in D.C. to Condemn ISIS, as Fox Business Panel [says]: Islam Is as Dangerous as ‘Rabies in a Dog.’

Host Stuart Varney got the ball rolling: “Winston Churchill warned of what he called the dangers of Islam back in 1889. Here is the quote: ‘Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.’ Strong stuff 100 years ago.”

“He was very famous, Winston Churchill, for that line, ‘Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog,'” said Fox Business’ Ashley Webster. “He was very strong in his feelings for Islam, basically saying Christianity teaches tolerance, Islam simply does not.”

By week’s end Presidential candidate and all-round whackadoodle Ben Carson was repeating the rabies metaphor. Good work, Fox “News.”

BLAMING THE VICTIMS: Fox’s Tucker Carlson Claims Paris Attacks Were “A Direct Result Of [France’s] Immigration Policy”

BLAMING FREEDOM: Those pesky freedoms enshrined in the Constitution are just getting in the way of killing all the Muslims.

Fox News Is ISIS’ Best Friend When It Tells Us To ‘Stop Worrying About People’s Rights’Fox’ Jesse Watters Praises France For Not ‘Worrying’ About Civil LibertiesFox’s Bo Dietl: ‘Let’s Stop Worrying About People’s Rights’ When Fighting Terrorism

If Fox “News” had its way, we’d have no rights left, right left, right left, right left, as we’re marching off to war.

BLAMING THE BOSS: Everyone knows the hate at Fox “News” is top-down, so it was no surprise to discover Rupert Murdoch Suggests U.S. Accept ‘Proven’ Christian Refugees Only. While Rupert Murdoch Endorses Religious Test For Refugees, Calls For “Special Exception For Proven Christians,” when Rupert Murdoch pushes exception for ‘proven Christian’ refugees — Twitter quickly hammers him.

BLAMING THE WORDS: Fox “News” likes to claim that we’d defeat the forces of evil if only President Obama would use the right words to describe the terrorists.

Twice this week Fox “News” took the president’s words out of context in order to hammer him and both times it was a single word out of a much larger speech.

First it was the word “contained.” Despite the fact that this was recorded prior to the Paris massacre, Obama was making the point ISIS had been contained geographically on the field of battle. Fox “News” falsely skewered him for that single word after the Paris attack.

Then it was the word “setback” as the president described the Paris attack. Reality tee vee star Elisabeth Hasselbeck finally earned her stripes by reducing the entirety of Obama’s remarks to that one word:

Fox’s Hasselback Battles Earnest Over Obama
Paris Remarks: ‘His Words Matter, Josh!’

His words only matter if Fox “News” can take them out of context.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT’S DUE: Occasionally, something truthful gets said on Fox “News,” whether accidentally or on purpose. This week’s winners:

Fox’s Shep Smith Tears Into ‘Political Extremists’
Refusing Refugees: This Isn’t Who We Are

Fox’s Juan Williams Calls Out Sean
Hannity For “Inspiring Fear And
Discrimination Against” Muslim Refugees

Fox’s Napolitano: ‘Governors Have
No Say’ Over Taking in Refugees

Muslim Activist Wearing American
Flag Hijab Shuts Down Megyn Kelly

But, moments like this are rare.

BLAME FRIDAY FOX FOLLIES: A few weeks back FFF made fun of this story, which Trevor Noah is just getting around to lampooning as The Daily Show Skewers Fox & Friends’ Panel Of “Creeps” Debating Whether Women Should Wear Leggings. Watch:

BLAME CAPONE’S VAULT: Living every parent’s nightmare An Emotional Geraldo Reveals On Air His Daughter Was at Paris Stadium During Attack. Catching the first plane overseas Geraldo Rivera Emotionally Reunites with Daughter Caught in Middle of Paris Attacks.

FFF is equally glad that my cousin and best friend, both in Paris, were also okay.

BLAME BLACKS: The news out of Paris almost caused Fox “News” to forget about its year-long jihad against #BlackLivesMatter. Note I said almost.

Fox’s Favorite Sheriff Says The Only Discrimination
On Campuses Is Against Whites And Asians

Megyn Kelly And Ben Carson Fear Monger
About ‘Angry Black Students’ On College
Campuses Moving US Toward ‘Anarchy’

College Student Schools Fox
Host On #BlackLivesMatter

To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, “We’ll always have #BlackLivesMatter.”

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