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Friday Fox Follies: Trump Tee Vee

If Fox “News” didn’t spend so much time defending Emperor Trump — and attacking his detractors (of which there are many) — there might be enough time to actually broadcast some real news. No matter, because Fox & Friends — his favourite show — quintupled down, airing another another softball interview with him this morning, which I’ll get to eventually.


Friday Fox Follies – Newsical Chairs

2017 opens on a high note for Friday Fox Follies. Now that she’s NBC bound, Tucker Carlson, the personality I take the most delight in skewering, has been given Megyn Kelly’s show on the Fox “News” Channel. Here’s the GRAND announcement from the whiny man/boy himself, with my [partial] transcription: We began this show at…


Friday Fox Follies – Atheists In A Fox Hole

According to a new Poll: Fox News Most Trusted Source for ‘News or Commentary’, a finding that makes intelligent people shake their heads. Yet, the same poll has Donald Trump leading all other GOP contenders, which speaks to the innate stupidity of those polled. However, according to the cheeky reportage at AdWeek: ‘Undecided’ Toppled as…


Friday Fox Follies – Truth Trumps Trash

Every week Friday Fox Follies documents 7 days worth of Fox “News” shenanigans, tomfoolery, and pettyfoggery. As The Phony War on Christmas season is almost upon us, FFF noticed that Fox “News” is also engaged in phony wars on The President; Women; The Democrat [sic] Party; The Supreme Court; Hillary Clinton; The Blacks; The Gays; The First Amendment; Working People; and, as always, the Truth.


Friday Fox Follies – Islamophobia On Parade

As the country marks the anniversary of the attack on 9/11 with somber memorials — vowing to NEVER FORGET — this is a very good time to remind people how Fox “News” was the Bush Administration’s biggest cheerleader for taking the country to war against Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with the downing of the World Trade Center.


Friday Fox Follies – Fibs, Frankenstein, and Fabulosity

There was a great synchronicity in the Cable Tee Vee Firmament this week. As Jon Stewart stopped climbing Bullsh*t Mountain, an avalanche called Donald J. Trump proved — once and for all — that “Fair and Balanced” is nothing but an empty slogan covering for all the other lies Fox “News” tells. Adding to the schadenfreude on the Left? Trump is the Frankenstein monster built in the birther boardroom of the Fox “News” Channel.


Friday Fox Follies – Fox & Frenzy

Standard weekly operating procedure for Friday Fox Follies is to wake up at the crack of Fox and Friends First (no pun intended) to collate the notes that will make up this week’s laugh riot. As I sort and give it shape, I also sit through Fox & Friends to see what venom is being injected into the body politic today.


Friday Fox Follies – Oh, Those Obamas!

Friday Fox Follies was sure this week’s column would be a slam dunk after Michelle Obama’s forceful speech on race at Tuskegee University, aka Speechifying While Black™. But then her husband had to open his big mouth: Obama Swipes at Fox: Pushing Narrative That Poor People Are ‘Leeches’. No biggie. Add a few words here and there and — voila! — an All Obama!!! All The Time!!! column. However, that plan was dashed as Conservatives Quickly Try to Turn Stephanopoulos into the ‘Next Brian Williams.’

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