Democrats Hammer Republicans With Clip Of Ronald Reagan Calling For SCOTUS Confirmation


The Democrats are getting feisty on Twitter these days. Tonight during the CNN Town Hall, they tweeted, “Hey Ted Cruz, here’s RONALD REAGAN supporting Supreme Court nominations during a president’s last year.”

Former Republican President Ronald Reagan said, “Now to make sure there is a full nine member Supreme Court to interpret the law, to protect the rights of all Americans, I urge the Senate to move quickly and decisively in confirming Judge Antony Kennedy to the highest court in the land.”


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) had been waxing on during the town hall about how the Reagan coalition was in his camp, as he also said he would not give money to a Democrat as Trump had done in the past. So basically Cruz was hugging Reagan as all Republican candidates do while at the same time denying any kind of moderate outreach that would actually accomplish a Reagan coalition.

The Democrats were not impressed.

Because unlike the Republicans who are holding hands while misleadingly chanting ad nauseam that there is a “tradition” or “precedent” of not nominating in the last year of a President’s term, the Great Republican Ronald Reagan thought otherwise. So too does reality.

Ted Cruz and all Republican candidates vie for who is most like Reagan, but the truth is none of them are and they prove it by pretending he never said this or got his Justice confirmed in his last year of office.