Hillary Clinton Gets A Huge Victory In The Louisiana Democratic Primary

Hillary Clinton is on track to wipe out the delegate gains that Bernie Sanders is likely to have made in Nebraska and Kansas by winning big in the larger delegate state of Louisiana.

The pattern for the Democratic primary held true on Super Saturday. Hillary Clinton is dominating with African-American voters, and she is doing very well in primaries. The delegate gains made by Sanders were likely to be erased if Hillary Clinton could win by a big margin in Louisiana.

Bernie Sanders is excelling in caucus states, and in states where the white progressives dominate the primary electorate. Clinton is dominating in states where African-Americans are a sizable portion of the electorate.

Hillary Clinton strategy has always been to dominate the South. Her “Southern firewall” has more than held in 2016. The focus of the race will turn back to Michigan where both Democrats have been campaigning hard. The debate in Flint on Sunday night could be critical to both campaigns. Hillary Clinton needed a win in Louisiana to balance out the two wins by Bernie Sanders in the Midwest.

The Democratic contest of ideas is going to keep going. Bernie Sanders has earned the right to stay in the Democratic race for as long as he wants. Sanders hasn’t launched any attacks on Clinton that would damage her in a general election campaign, and his challenges of her record have helped to introduce her to a new generation of Democrats who might be too young to remember the 1990s or even 2008.

The dynamics of the Democratic primary have settled into a familiar consistency. Bernie Sanders does well in smaller, whiter states, while Clinton captures the big delegate prize states with more diverse electorates.