Hillary Clinton Vows That She Will Not Be Indicted For Emails At Univision Debate

Hillary Clinton sent Republicans a strong message by vowing that she will not be indicted for her emails during the Univision Democratic debate.

At the Univision Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton was asked if she would she would drop out of the race if she was indicted for her emails.

Clinton answered, “Oh my goodness. That is not going to happen. I’m not even going to answer that question.”

Earlier, Jorge Ramos asked Clinton is she asked President Obama for permission to use private email, and she tore that question apart as well, “There was no permission to be asked. It had been done by my predecessors. It was permitted. I didn’t have to ask anyone.”

Former Sec. Clinton got a loud ovation for her certainty that she will not be indicted for her emails. Clinton was correct not to entertain the question. The question was based on the Republican hope that there is something in Hillary Clinton’s emails that will stop her from winning in November. The truth is that there has been nothing uncovered that would indicate any criminal activity on the part of former Sec. of State Clinton.

The email scandal is the Republican Party’s desperate attempt to stop Hillary Clinton. Former Sec. Clinton was correct. The question was nonsense. There is no chance that she will be indicted. Clinton isn’t going to buy into the Republican email games, and she destroyed the idea that she will be indicted at the Univision Democratic debate.

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