Obama Finally Gets The Credit He Deserves As His Approval Rating Jumps To 53%


According to the latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, President Obama’s job approval rating has reached a new high of 53%.

President Obama gained a point from his approval rating during last week’s Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, and his job approval ratings have completely reversed from where they were one year ago at this time. In March of 2015, President Obama’s approval rating split was 44% approve and 51% disapprove for a net rating of (-7).

Obama’s current approval rating is 53% with a disapproval rating of 44%, which is a net (+9) approval rating. Obama’s approval rating has been steadily growing since mid-January 2016, and more recently, the President has added a point to his approval rating in each of the past three weeks.


There has been a great deal of speculation about why President Obama is getting more popular. Part of the reason for the uptick in his numbers is the economy. Gas prices are low, the economy is growing, and the general economic climate is vastly improved from the days of the Bush’s Great Recession.

A new level of appreciation seems to be developing for President Obama as the horrific Republican presidential nomination contest has unfolded before the eyes of the country. Many Americans, who may have taken President Obama’s class and decency for granted are getting a dose of Donald Trump on a daily basis. It is quite plausible that the ugliness of Trump is making Obama more popular.

The rising Obama approval rating is great news for Democrats as the party heads into what could be a matchup with Donald Trump. A popular President Obama will be a huge asset to Democrats on the campaign trail, and the higher the voter satisfaction with the current president, the less likely they are to be open to the Republican message of change.

After nearly eight years of hard work and success, President Obama seems to be finally getting some of the credit and appreciation that he deserves.