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Republicans May Be Getting A Democratic President Elected With Horrid CNN Town Hall

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 01:57 pm

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Republicans Ted Cruz and Donald Trump put on such a horrid display at the CNN Town Hall in Wisconsin that they may have just gotten a Democrat elected to be the next President Of The United States.

For anyone who thought that Sen. Cruz (R-TX) would be a better choice than Trump, the CNN town hall happened.

Video of Cruz:


Cruz refused to walk back his call to police and patrol Muslim neighborhoods. Anderson Cooper asked Cruz about his call to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods. First, Cruz tried to change the subject and blame President Obama. Cruz repeated his attack line that Obama won’t say fundamental Islamic terrorism. Cruz said that what his plans means is that, “we target the enemy,” and accused Democrats of playing a politically correct game. Cooper pointed out that the New York Police Commissioner said that the plan Cruz is touting failed in New York and that his claim that it would be a success was complete bunk.
What was missing in Cruz’s answer was a flat out denial that he would police Muslim neighborhoods in the United States.

Later in the same interview, Cruz made it clear that his answer to the drug and opioid addiction was to take healthcare away from veterans by privatizing the VA. Ted Cruz had a rough town hall. At one point, Cruz got his home state wrong. Cruz said that his home state was Florida while discussing the Ft. Hood massacre. Cruz was light years better than Trump, who was a total disaster.

Trump began his appearance by proclaiming that he would not fire his campaign manager who battered a reporter. Trump then immediately went birther and claimed that Ted Cruz’s home state may be Canada. Trump accused the reporter who his campaign manager battered of possibly carrying a bomb.

Donald Trump later delivered the argument of a five-year-old in the words of Anderson Cooper when he claimed that Ted Cruz started their feud. Trump answered a question about protecting the constitutional rights of religious minorities by claiming that he doesn’t have, “a fast trigger” for war, which was a total dodge. Trump delivered no policy substance, but he did manage to lie about his inheritance from his father which was really $40 million, not $1 million. Trump was asked what were the top three functions of government, and one of his answers included healthcare, education, and security then he changed his answer to security, security, security. Cooper busted Trump for lying about his campaign being completely self-funded. Trump rambled on. He avoided questions and discussed absolutely no policy. It didn’t seem possible, but Donald Trump’s segment was worse than Ted Cruz.

Republicans thought that they would be safer holding town halls than presidential debates, and they were wrong. The top two Republican candidates made a great argument for supporting the Democratic nominee. The town hall was a total disaster. Neither of the top two Republican candidates is electable, and there is no sense in discussing John Kasich because he will never be the nominee.

Both Cruz and Trump looked like they would be blown off of the stage in a debate against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Between Cruz’s extremism and Trump’s empty headed fluffibuster, anyone who watched this town hall saw why there is no big tent in the Republican Party.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were so bad in this town hall that they may have just gotten the Democratic nominee elected in November.

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