Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Agree To CNN Debate On April 14 In New York

Democratic primary voters are in for another treat as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have agreed to an April 14 debate in Brooklyn, NY on CNN.

CNN announced that the Democratic presidential candidates have finally agreed to a date for their New York debate, “Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have agreed to meet for a Democratic debate on CNN and NY1 on April 14, five days before a crucial primary election in New York state. The debate will take place in Brooklyn and will be moderated by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, who led two GOP debates earlier this election season. CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash and NY1 political anchor Errol Louis will join in the questioning of the candidates.”

Michael Briggs, Sanders’ spokesman, reacted to the news on behalf of the campaign, “Sen. Sanders has accepted another invitation to debate Hillary Clinton in New York. We are glad that she finally has agreed. Sanders all along has pressed for a debate on television in prime time so the greatest number of New Yorkers and Americans may listen to the candidates and decide for themselves who has the best ideas about how to reform our rigged economy and the corrupt campaign finance system. It’s great for the people of New York that there will be a debate in Brooklyn, something that the Clinton campaign has long opposed.”

In the end, the Clinton campaign got the date that they wanted (April 14), and the Sanders campaign got the location that they wanted (Brooklyn, NY). The two campaigns have been posturing and bickering for weeks over the details for the next Democratic debate. The good news for Democratic primary voters is that they are going to get to see the two contenders for the Democratic nomination matched up days before the high-stakes primary in New York.

The Democratic debates have been the best and most substantive gatherings in either party. Unlike watching a Republican primary debate, the Democratic debates have made voters smarter. Clinton and Sanders don’t spend hours trading insults. They spend their time on the debate stage discussing the best path forward for the country.

The Clinton/Sanders debates have been good for democracy, and the real winners are the viewers who will get to watch two excellent presidential candidate debate.