Donald Trump Supporters Caught By Media Offering To Beat Up Protesters At Rally

Donald Trump supporters were caught by members the media in attendance at his rally in New York offering to help rough up protesters.

Nick Confessore, political reporter for The New York Times, tweeted :

Donald Trump pretends like he has nothing to do with the violence at his rallies, but the culture at his events comes from the candidate. More proof of the adversarial nature of his events was tweeted about by MSNBC’s Peter Alexander, who captured the crowd turning on the reporters in attendance after being directed to do by the candidate.

Alexander tweeted :

The Trump rallies are the complete opposite of what occurs at the events of every other presidential candidate. Some Trump supporters attend these events with violence on their minds. Trump is not enabling and empowering a political movement. He has become an outlet for the rage of white male conservatives who see themselves as no longer at the top of the nation’s political hierarchy.

Trump has manipulated that collective anger into an ugly force for violence and division. Donald Trump planted the seed, and now his supporters view his rallies as the perfect venue for violence.