Larry Wilmore Drops A Truth Bomb On Fox News Racism At White House Correspondents Dinner

Larry Wilmore hit a home run by drilling Fox News for fanning flames of racism at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Wilmore took the podium and delivered the a fantastic joke, “Welcome to Negro night here at Washington, or as Fox News would report two thugs disrupt elegant dinner in DC. That’s how they do it.”

Wilmore’s joke was awesome because, like all good humor, it contained an element of truth. In the case of this joke, it was the total truth. Fox News has been fanning the flames of racism since before President Obama became the Democratic nominee in 2008. Fox has been a willing partner in the Republican plot to win elections by dividing the country along racial lines.

The joke was met with some uncomfortable mumbles and squirms in the press audience because most people who won’t work in the mainstream press won’t admit the ugly bias of Fox News.

The hosting gig at the White House Correspondents Dinner is one of the toughest rooms that any comedian will ever work in. The audience is difficult, and they have to follow the President Of The United States.

Larry Wilmore set the tone with his Fox News joke while dropping a truth bomb on the corporate press about the ugly racial tones that have been a constant undertone of Fox News’ coverage during the Obama years.

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