Bernie Sanders’ Win In Indiana Came Two Weeks Too Late To Matter

Bernie Sanders won Indiana, but the victory was more like a draw as Hillary Clinton and Sanders will split the delegates in a win that came two weeks too late for Sen. Sanders.

The Clinton campaign didn’t run a single ad television ad in Indiana and had completely pivoted to a general election strategy. In an all too common development for Sen. Sanders he won an open primary, but he didn’t win by a large enough margin to gain any ground on Hillary Clinton.

The fact neither Democratic candidate was in Indiana, or had any plans for a speech concerning tonight’s results was an unspoken indicator of the real lack of value in this result.

Sen. Sanders win does nothing to cut into Hillary Clinton’s delegate advantage. Sanders isn’t going to reach the 20-25 point margin of victory that he needs to send a message about his campaign. It is a nice win for Sen. Sanders, but he really needed this win two weeks ago in New York, or last week in Pennsylvania.

The Indiana came too late and is worth too little to change anything about the overall trajectory of the Democratic primary.