Elizabeth Warren Jumps Into The Presidential Race and Becomes Trump’s Worst Nightmare

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) welcomed Donald Trump to the November race by taking apart the Republican nominee is devastating fashion.

Sen. Warren tweeted:

Democrats have their argument against Trump down in less than a day. The election in November is a moral decision about whether voters are going to allow one man to tear the country apart. The choice for voters will be between right and wrong. Do you think that racism, xenophobia, and bigotry have a place in American society? If not, vote for Hillary Clinton.

Elizabeth Warren will be barnstorming the country to make the case against Trump. If she holds her pattern from previous election cycles, Sen. Warren will also be barnstorming key states where Senate seats are held by Republicans.

Warren is going to be Trump’s worst nightmare. Her Twitter storm was just the beginning of a high-powered campaign against Donald Trump and everything he stands for.