MSNBC, CNN. and Fox News Ignore Hillary Clinton Speech To Show Trump’s Empty Podium

MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN are so in the bag for Donald Trump that they ignored Hillary Clinton’s campaign speech in Las Vegas in favor of showing an empty podium before a Trump speech.

While Hillary Clinton was speaking to the United Food and Commerical Workers in Las Vegas about raising wages for working families and offering a rejection of Trump’s immigration policies:

According to Teagan Goodard’s Political Wire, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN were showing this:


Cable news coverage can’t be taken seriously by the voters because they have so completely sold themselves out to Donald Trump. The cable news networks were sending the visual message that Donald Trump’s empty podium was more important that Hillary Clinton’s speech. The constant drumbeat of unending Trump chatter tells voters that Donald Trump is the “newsworthy” candidate.

It is a sorry statement about the condition of our corporate owned national press that the media decision makers feel that Donald Trump’s empty podium has more news value that the likely Democratic nominee. Donald Trump is a perfect fit for cable news. Trump knows how to generate headlines while offering nothing of substance.

The Clinton campaign needs to shelve the assumption that their speeches about facts and policies are going to get equal media coverage. The media is biased against policy. They are not going to give Clinton equal airtime. Cable news networks are going to ride Donald Trump until Election Day, and by so heavily favoring him with coverage, Fox, CNN, and MSNBC are indirectly helping the Republican nominee with voters.

The media is more responsible for Trump than they care to admit, and Democrats need to face the reality that Hillary Clinton is not going to be treated fairly during the general election campaign.

The picture of Trump’s empty podium splashed across cable news, while Hillary Clinton was speaking, made this reality crystal clear.