The Celebration Begins As Hillary Clinton Beats Bernie Sanders In New Jersey

Hillary Clinton has been declared the projected winner of the Democratic primary in New Jersey.

Hillary Clinton led Bernie Sanders in every poll of the state of New Jersey, so it wasn’t a surprised. Sen. Sanders telegraphed that he was probably going to get trounced in the Garden State by spending 17 straight days in California.

For Clinton, this means that the party is on. The former Sec. of State is expected to do very well in the voting tonight. The only real drama in New Jersey was how big Hillary Clinton’s win would be. The three polls of New Jersey in the month of May showed Hillary Clinton’s lead ranging from 14 points to 28 points.

There was little drama in New Jersey. Clinton was expected to win, and she did.

It was expected that New Jersey would put Hillary Clinton over the top and clinch the nomination for her, but the AP’s Monday night call that Clinton had wrapped up the nomination some air out of the party balloon, but history has been made none the less.

Hillary Clinton has wrapped up the Democratic nomination, and the only drama left in the evening is whether or not she will be able to hold on to her polling lead and win California.

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