Hillary Clinton Is Courageously Refusing To Let The NRA And GOP Hide After Orlando Attack

Hillary Clinton isn’t allowing Congressional Republicans and the NRA to hide and dodge responsibility for their part in enabling the Orlando terrorist attack.


While being interviewed on NBC’s Today, Clinton said:

The legislation that Republicans blocked, the so-called no-fly list, would have prevented suspected terrorists from buying guns. It allows the Attorney General and the FBI to prevent a suspected terrorist from doing that. It would happen on a case by case basis, and we cannot fall into the trap set by the gun lobby that says if you can’t stop every shooting and every incident, you should not try to stop any. That is not how laws work. It’s not common sense, and we need to get these weapons of war off the streets. We had an assault weapons ban. It expired, and we need to reinstate it. From San Bernardino to Aurora, Colorado, to Sandy Hook, and now to Orlando, we have seen the devastation that these military-style weapons cause, and I believe that terrorists and dangerous individuals are using guns to kill Americans. It’s just a fact, and we should make it a lot harder for them to do that.

In December of 2015, Senate Republicans voted to block legislation that would have prevented anyone on the federal terror watch list from buying a gun. It was estimated at the time, that by blocking the legislation, House and Senate Republicans enabled 2,000 potential terrorists to buy guns legally in the United States.

Hillary Clinton was right. The NRA backed vote of House and Senate Republicans to block this legislation had deadly consequences. Republicans didn’t cause the attack in Orlando, but they did enable a person who should not have been able to legally purchase a deadly weapon to do so.

Clinton is connecting the dots, and she is courageously taking on the gun lobby and Congressional Republicans. While Donald Trump spins conspiracy theories, Hillary Clinton is offering real leadership and a common sense solution that could save American lives.