Hillary Clinton Gains On Trump With 2 Key Groups And This News Should Terrify Republicans

In a sign that support for Donald Trump could potentially collapse, Hillary Clinton has made substantial gains with men and white voters according to a new poll.

Clinton leads Trump 49%-42% in the latest NBC News/Survey Monkey tracking poll, but it is who Clinton is gaining with that is so important:
Clinton’s gains over the past two weeks in the tracking poll are coming from increases in support among moderates, men and white voters. She narrowed Trump’s margin among men and white voters from double digits in last week’s poll to single digits this week. Clinton picked up 7 points among moderate voters this week and now leads Trump 58 percent to 33 percent among them.

Trump’s margin among male voters dropped from 14 points last week to 9 points this week and he now leads Clinton 51 percent to 42 percent. His 13-point margin among white voters last week also shrank to 9 points this week. White voters now favor Trump to Clinton 50 percent to 41 percent.

If Hillary Clinton can stay within single digits of Donald Trump with men and white voters, she will win this election in a walk away. Trump’s entire campaign is centered around an appeal to men and non-college educated white voters. If he doesn’t win with these groups of voters by huge margins, the Republican Party could get blown out on Election Day.

It is telling that Clinton’s big gains aren’t coming from key Democratic constituencies. She already has big leads over Trump with women, Hispanics, African-Americans, and younger voters, but if she can pull a substantial number of white male voters back into the Democratic column, Republicans can forget about the White House, control of the Senate, and should brace themselves for heavy losses in the House.

It is still way too for national polls to mean much, but over the last couple of weeks, Hillary Clinton has gained momentum, and because he has no campaign infrastructure to speak of, Donald Trump has been powerless to stop his slide.

There is a trend developing in this election. Hillary Clinton is gaining momentum, and it is who she is gaining momentum with that should have Republicans reaching for the Tums and bracing for the worst.