MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Thinks Donald Trump Is Throwing The Election

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough thinks there is only one explanation for Donald Trump’s reckless behavior over the past few weeks: the presumptive GOP nominee is throwing the election.

On Thursday’s episode of “Morning Joe,” Scarborough said that it’s time for Republican leaders to “stand up to him.”


Scarborough said:

“This is getting out of control. It’s not like we haven’t been talking about this day in and day out. Donald Trump for some reason over the past two weeks has decided to throw this election. This is, again, you look at Trump after Manafort came in, after Wisconsin, look at what happened for two or three weeks. You had a disciplined campaign. He actually delivered a half-disciplined speech to AIPAC. It looked like he was shifting into second gear. The last two weeks have been absolutely colossal and we’re going to show you numbers that show Republican numbers nationwide has gone to record lows… [Republican leaders have] got to stand up to him.

For much of the campaign, the Republican commentator, and even left-leaning co-host Mika Brzezinski, seemed to be stuck in a love affair with Trump, conducting softball interviews and providing him all the coverage he wanted.

After weeks of Trump failing to at least pretend to be a serious candidate – and the fact that his poll numbers have collapsed since the Orlando shooting –  it appears that the love affair is over.

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