Hillary Clinton Is Blowing Out Trump On The Ground In Ohio And It’s Not Even Close

Hillary Clinton is organizing and campaigning heavily in swing states. What’s happening on the ground in Ohio is a perfect example of how Clinton is organizing to win the White House from the ground up.

Henry Gomez of The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on the state of the presidential race in Ohio:

Yet Trump is poorly organized in this region – he’s not particularly well organized anywhere – and hasn’t visited the Buckeye State since March. Conversely, Clinton’s stop Tuesday will be her second in eight days.


Democrats say they now have 150 full-time employees on the ground in Ohio. It’s a mix of Ohio Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee staff. In the weeks since Clinton locked up the nomination, all factions appear to be working harmoniously toward her election and toward the election of Ted Strickland, who is challenging Republican Sen. Rob Portman.

The Republican National Committee has more than 50 paid employees on the ground in the state – less than what was expected by this point. And Trump is still relying on the same in-state personnel that guided him to a loss against Kasich in the state’s March primary.

Donald Trump isn’t even trying to compete in Ohio. Hillary Clinton is already out organizing Trump in swing states across the country, but what is happening in Ohio is dramatic because Republicans know that it will be impossible for them to win the White House if Hillary Clinton carries Ohio.

Trump is making the Republican Party run his campaign for him, and at a time when he should have been building his organization on the ground, the presumptive Republican nominee is firing his campaign manager and off to Scotland to handle “personal business.”

Hillary Clinton is building a formidable organization for November, and Donald Trump doesn’t seem to care.

Trump is laying the groundwork for defeat. Television interviews can’t replace boots on the ground in swing states. If Hillary Clinton wins Ohio in November, it will be because she trounced Trump in the Buckeye State by laying the foundation for victory all summer long.