Trump Is So Clueless That He Thought He Could Move The GOP Convention Out Of Cleveland

Donald Trump is so clueless about how political conventions work that he thought he could just move the GOP convention out of Cleveland. Trump was unaware that the convention had to be held in the city that the RNC chose.

The New York Times reported:
But if the goal of a political convention is to reintroduce a well-known figure to American voters and leave them with a fresh and flattering impression, Mr. Trump has a uniquely difficult challenge to pull off. And part of that challenge stems from his own unfamiliarity with the convention process.

At one point, two aides confirmed, Mr. Trump was not even aware that the event had to be held in Cleveland, a decision made almost two years ago by the Republican National Committee.

The biggest challenge that Republicans face with Trump is that the candidate has no idea how political conventions work. Donald Trump continues to try to plan four nights of television. What he doesn’t understand is that the convention is more than a TV show. Political conventions are used to energize and excite a party’s base about the general election. They are used to promote a picture of party unity behind the nominee. Parties want to come out of a convention on the same page and ready for the sprint to the White House.

However, when a nominee is clueless about the purpose of the convention, it is impossible to stage the sort of event that Republicans need. Of course, Trump didn’t know that he can’t pick up and move the Republican convention out of Cleveland. Donald Trump doesn’t follow politics.

Trump is completely clueless, which is why his convention in Cleveland will most likely another embarrassment to America under the Republican Party banner.