Trump Celebrates The 4th Of July Third Reich Style By Defending Neo-Nazis


Donald Trump is spending his 4th of July defending his campaign’s use of anti-Semitic neo-Nazi imagery, as the Republican Party has gone from Stars and Stripes to Stars of David.

Trump tweeted:


The problem with Trump’s cover story is that the image Trump tweeted came from a neo-Nazi message board, and neo-Nazis aren’t known for tweeting sheriff’s stars.

Here is the original post containing the image:


Here is a sheriff’s star:

As anyone with eyes can clearly see, the image in Trump’s tweet was a Star of David, not a sheriff’s star or a plain star.

Donald Trump is celebrating the 4th of July by defending his use of neo-Nazi imagery. The “it isn’t a Star of David” claim has become the official defense from the Trump campaign. However, white supremacist and neo-Nazi language and imagery are not new to the Trump campaign. Trump has retweeted white supremacists 75 times so far during his campaign.

The flag waving Republican Party has been taken over by a neo-Nazi pandering candidate who is spending the anniversary of the nation’s independence defending his use of white supremacist images in his campaign.

The media is falsely equating Hillary Clinton’s emails to Donald Trump embrace and defense of neo-Nazis, but there is no comparison at all. Donald Trump is spending the 4th of July denying and defending his use of an anti-Semitic image.

Hillary Clinton is having an all-American 4th of July compared to Trump’s defense of his ode to the Third Reich.