The Stupid Is Contagious As Paul Ryan Mangles The Meaning Of Independence Day

In his Independence Day statement, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan confused Memorial Day and Independence Day by thanking everyone who died on the 4th of July.

Speaker Ryan said, “On this year’s Fourth, we can celebrate the historic document that was signed—and the self-evident truths it declared. We can celebrate the historic battles that were fought so that those truths would embrace all of our people. We can remember the extraordinary men and women, so dedicated to those truths, who died on this day—and the millions of others whose names we’ll never know. Or we can remember—and give thanks—that we live in a country where all these things are possible. We still believe in those self-evident truths. We still struggle to live up to them. And really, what that struggle represents is the pursuit of happiness. So today, with great gratitude, we celebrate our independence.”

Paul Ryan doesn’t seem to be aware that there wasn’t a big battle with mass casualties on Independence Day. The 4th of July holiday commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

It is like the combined forces of Sarah Palin, and Donald Trump has turned the entire Republican Party into a collection of raging idiots.

Speaker Ryan created an image of intelligence for himself, but as anyone who has tried to make sense out of any of his budgets can attest, his intellect is largely a myth.

Ryan was supposed to be one of the smart ones, but his mangling of Independence Day ranks up there with Sarah Palin’s infamous description of Paul Revere’s ride as one of the great moment in fractured Republican retellings of history.