Trump Has A Full Blown Meltdown Over News That Clinton Won’t Face Email Criminal Charges


Donald Trump is not taking the news well that Hillary Clinton will not face criminal charges over her use of private email.
In response to the news that the FBI is recommending that no criminal charges be filed against Clinton, Trump tweeted:


The FBI Director is a Republican. The FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s emails demonstrates the exact opposite of a “rigged system.” The FBI’s investigation was an example of a system working exactly as it should. Trump’s comparison of Clinton to Petraeus was inaccurate. Petraeus was caught on tape admitting that he was knowingly leaking classified information to his mistress. The two cases have nothing in common. Clinton has consistently stated that she did not knowingly leak classified information.

FBI Director Comey never said that Clinton compromised national security. This statement is a fantasy that exists only in the mind of Donald Trump.

Trump’s response to the news that an independent investigation found that no criminal charges should be filed against Hillary Clinton has been to throw a Twitter temper tantrum, and say a bunch of things that are flatly untrue.

Donald Trump is melting down. What may have been his only chance of winning the White House has just gone up in smoke.