The Trump/Pence 60 Minutes Interview Was A Painful Train Wreck

Donald Trump and Mike Pence gave their first joint interview, and what went down on 60 Minutes was painful to watch.


Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton invented ISIS with her “stupid policies:”

Trump consistently interrupted Pence mostly to brag about himself:

Trump even told Pence what he could and couldn’t say:

Pence’s entire role on the ticket appears to be to filter the crazy out of what Donald Trump says in order to make is sound more conventionally Republican.

Donald Trump had a terrifying answer about what his plan to declare war on ISIS meant:

The ISIS non-answer was typical for the entire interview, where Lesley Stahl did not get a single direct answer out of Trump or Pence.

Trump also repeated his lie about always opposing the Iraq war, and destroyed his own strategy of attacking Clinton for voting for the war:

The Republican nominee spent most of the interview talking about himself and even bragged about how humble he is:

The interview was a trainwreck tribute to the ego of Donald Trump, who made it clear that he was in charge and that the spotlight was always to be on him at all times.

If Republicans were looking for someone who could make Trump seem less crazy, Mike Pence is not the guy. If anything, Trump is becoming even more insane because now he is acting like Pence is competition, not a partner.

The lack of chemistry between Pence and Trump was obvious that one wonders if they had ever really spoken to each other before Pence was added to the ticket.

There probably isn’t going to be a VP bounce for Trump/Pence, in fact, this ticket looks doomed.