Donald Trump Storms Twitter To Whine About Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech

Donald Trump often says one thing, just to quickly contradict himself a month, week, or even a day later. It happens so frequently that we all seem to take it for granted.

But on Tuesday night, as Bill Clinton took the stage to deliver his much-anticipated prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention, Trump jumped on Twitter to do just that.

Trump’s tweet:

Of course, this is a totally predictable tweet from the thin-skinned, spray-tanned buffoon. But it’s especially rich given the praise Trump has had for the former president when he wasn’t trying to defeat his wife. 

Like these tweets from 2012, for example, courtesy of Dan Amira: 

On Tuesday night, Trump did what he always does: try to get to attention, and say something totally at odds with what he has repeatedly said in the past. 

This is what happens when the media isn’t solely focused on Donald Trump – he lashes out. 

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