An Omen Of Trump Doom As Democrats Surge In Formerly Deep Red Orange County, CA

For the first time since 1936, the former hotbed of California Republicans, Orange County, may vote for a Democrat for president.
The Orange County Register reported:

A surge in Democratic voter registration has cut Republicans’ advantage in Orange County to less than 6 percentage points and has doubled the number of Democratic cities over the past year.

The Republican margin has been shrinking since 1990 when the GOP edge was 22 points. But in the past six months, the pace of change has been four times as fast as the 26-year average – due in part to the GOP’s controversial presidential nominee. That could hurt the local Republicans in November’s down-ticket races.

Donald Trump is going impact turnout in this election. He is causing Democrats to turnout at a rapid rate. If Trump can’t hold on to places with a reputation for voting Republican like Orange County, it could be an absolute disaster of an Election Night for the GOP.

Orange County is changing, and not as red as it used to be back in the 1990s, but it still had a 5 point Republican advantage in voter registration. That margin is being quickly erased by the candidacy of Donald Trump.

It is usually at this point when skittish readers will point out that the election isn’t here yet, so Democrats could still lose. Yes, it is possible that the entire election turns and Trump wins but the behavior that is being witnessed on the ground suggests that Donald Trump has energized a negative backlash that hasn’t been seen against any presidential nominee in modern times.

Sarah Palin energized Democrats in 2008 as John McCain’s running mate, but what is happening with Trump is ten times stronger. Democrats and progressives are determined to not only defeat Trump but his crush his vile and ugly campaign.

If Trump can’t win in red areas like Orange County, CA, he will not only lose an election; he will devastate the Republican Party.