Elizabeth Warren’s Total Destruction Of Trump’s Economic Speech Is A Sight To Behold

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) expertly took apart Donald Trump’s economic speech to reveal a plan that is designed to benefit only the rich and corporations.

Sen. Warren tweeted a comprehensive rebuttal to Donald Trump’s economic speech in Detroit:

Unlike Donald Trump, Sen. Warren knows what she is talking about. There wasn’t a single idea in Trump’s economic speech that wasn’t intended to benefit the wealthy and corporations. Trump sells himself as the “blue collar billionaire,” but his ideas reflect the idea that government role is to help those of already have the most.

Sen. Warren took apart Trump’s speech and exposed it as more of the same pro-one percenter blather that voters have come to expect out of the Republican Party. Warren destroyed Trump on the social media platform that he loves. The Massachusettes Senator’s message rang loud and clear. Donald Trump have demonstrated that he can’t be trusted with the nation’s economy.