House Republicans Break The Law By Leaking Classified Clinton FBI Interview Info

There are already reports that House Republicans are leaking classified information from Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview in violation of federal law.

Clinton campaign chair John Podesta tweeted that he is hearing that Republicans are leaking to reporters:

Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri tweeted:

Everyone knew that House Republicans were going to leak the classified information. The FBI was so sure that House Republicans were going to leak the information that they sent a warning along with the notes from Clinton’s interview that the information was classified.

The whole point behind the Republican desire to get the material was to try to drum up a new scandal that will take the focus off of Donald Trump and his imploding presidential campaign. House Republicans have been using the edited leak strategy to put out bits of misleading and out of context information since they took back the House majority.

They are on an endless quest to manufacture scandals. House Republicans spent years trying to create an Obama scandal, and after those efforts failed, they’ve turned their attention to Hillary Clinton.

Ironically, the party that is claiming that Hillary Clinton broke the law by transmitting classified information over private email is breaking the law by knowingly leaking classified information to friendly media sources.

It would be fitting for someone to investigate the Republicans, but true justice will only come when they are no longer the majority party in the House.