Trump Is So Out Of Control That Republicans Just Hired A Babysitter To Keep Him Calm

Republicans shook up Trump’s failing campaign today by promoting his pollster to campaign manager because she has a reputation for treating the Republican nominee like a child and keeping him “calm.”

Trump stated in the press release that his former pollster/new campaign manager will be traveling with him often, “Ms. Conway, a highly sought-after pollster, will work on messaging and travel frequently with Mr. Trump, while working closely with Mr. Bannon and Mr. Manafort on all aspects of the campaign moving forward.”

The reason why Kellyanne Conway will often be traveling with Trump tells voters everything they need to know about his temperament problem. According to a July 2016 Washington Post story, Trump’s new campaign manager treats Trump like she does her 11-year-old daughter:

Conway, 49, hints how she’ll tackle this challenge. You can’t just tell Trump what to do, she said. You have to give him options. She illustrates the point with a story about her 11-year-old daughter.

When Claudia emerged from her room on Memorial Day sporting turquoise, Conway asked her to change into blue. “She goes, ‘Turquoise is blue.’ And it is. But it wasn’t a shade available to Betsy Ross when she stayed up through the night sewing the damn flag.” She chose not to argue with the preteen, which would have delayed their morning. Instead, she laid out four Betsy Ross blue choices on her bed. “Minutes later,” she says, “she came out in one of those shades.”

Conway follows the same approach with the Republican presidential nominee. Never command. That could insult him. Always make suggestions, backed with information in 10-second sound bites: Betsy Ross lacked turquoise. Female voters want compassion.

Conway got promoted to campaign manager because Donald Trump needs a babysitter who will treat him like a child.

This is the man that the Republican Party is trying to tell voters is ready to occupy the White House, and make life or death decisions. People who are qualified and ready to be president don’t need babysitters to travel with them and keep them calm. With these moves, the Trump campaign and Republican Party are admitting that the nominee doesn’t have advisers. Trump needs handlers to keep him under control.

Donald Trump is a 70-year-old adult, who should not need a babysitter nearby to treat him like a child and keep him calm. The Trump campaign can call Conway’s position a promotion, but it is really a glorified day care job whose sole purpose is to keep the man who Republicans nominated to be the next President Of The United States from throwing tantrums all day.

Trump is so out of control that he has been assigned a babysitter in a last-ditch attempt to keep the unhinged senior citizen from destroying the Republican Party.