Weak Trump Steamrolled By Mexican President In Bizarre Press Conference

Donald Trump fell flat on his face in what can only be described as a bizarre press conference that highlighted his weakness and failure as a presidential candidate.


As Mexican President Pena Nieto spoke glowingly about the virtues of NAFTA and free trade, Trump stood there silently relying on a translator. As Pena Nieto criticized Trump’s plan to build the wall in a very diplomatic fashion, Trump stood there. As Mexico’s president stressed cooperation between the US and Mexico, Trump stood there.

When Trump finally spoke, he called the meeting a substantive exchange of ideas, and said that he was straightforward in repeating his views on immigration and trade. Trump proclaimed that he loved the United States, and then said that both countries are united by love for their countries. Trump later added that he a tremendous feeling for Mexican-Americans because he employs so many of them.

Trump later repeated that he was proud to say how many Mexican-Americans he employs. The Republican nominee discussed the common interest in keeping the border safe and free.

Trump went on to list five shared goals that would benefit both countries; first, ending illegal immigration, which he said must be solved quickly because it isn’t fair. Second, Trump said that he recognized both Mexico and the US’s right to build a physical border. Trump’s third point was the dismantling of drug cartels. His fourth point was that NAFTA must be improved. Trump’s last point was that manufacturing wealth must be kept in our hemisphere, which directly contradicted the fact that he is campaigning on bringing manufacturing jobs back from Mexico to the United States.

The press conference was a voyage into the bizarre with Trump reading off of prepared remarks, but ad-libbing. Trump’s remarks were very weak. He claimed that he was with the Mexican president for a long time, but admitted that they met for an hour.

Trump said they didn’t discuss who would pay for the wall during the meeting, but that, like everything else involving the Trump campaign, would be discussed at a later date.

Donald Trump tried to step onto the world stage, and in the process, he blew the image that he is campaigning on to pieces. The press conference was a classic Trump crash and burn. Trump looked like a wimp, as the press conference was another low moment for his sinking campaign.