Criminal Charges Sought Against Trump For Inciting A Riot In North Carolina

A request has been made for Asheville, NC police department to investigate Donald Trump and his campaign for potentially inciting a riot at a rally where protesters were assaulted by Trump supporters.

Here is the video of Trump supporters punching protesters:

Scott Dworkin, Senior Advisor to the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, has requested a criminal investigation into Trump for inciting a riot:

I wanted to report an assault at Donald Trump’s rally in Asheville. You can see the video here of at least two protestors being slapped by at least two other people, as others stand by and encourage the attacker. As the protestors who were assaulted were being dragged out of Donald Trump’s rally, Donald Trump gives the “thumbs up” and smiles as his crowd chants “hey hey hey, goodbye.”

I believe that this is in violation of the NC General Statutes, specifically Chapter 14A Article 36A under Public Disturbance and Rioting. Specifically, I believe that Donald Trump is guilty of inciting a riot urging others to engage in violent activity under Chapter 14 Article 36A:


I’m asking for a full investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign on behalf of those who were assaulted.

So much for the idea that the Trump campaign could capitalize on Hillary Clinton’s recent illness and time away from the campaign trail.

Trump and his supporters have once again shown an inability to control their inner thugs. Whether or not criminal charges are actually filed against Trump isn’t the point. The fact that the Republican nominee for president is in a position where it is possible for him to be investigated for instigating a riot is what voters should be focused on.

This is not normal.

The media attempts to normalize Trump, and the behavior of his supports must stop, and it is up to everyday Americans to stand up to anyone who injects violence into our democratic process.

Donald Trump could be facing criminal charges for inciting a riot, and that is a story that belongs at the top of every newscast and on the lips of each voter.