Evangelical GOP Pastors Call On God To Kill Trump And Make Mike Pence President

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:17 pm

A group of evangelical Republican pastors are justifying their support for Donald Trump by hoping that God kills the man at the top of the Republican ticket and makes Mike Pence president.

Todd Zwillich of WNYC tweeted:

The idea that maybe God will kill the Republican presidential candidate is one of the most tortured rationalizations one will ever hear for casting a vote for Trump. Evangelicals and Republicans of all varieties are contorting themselves into some very strange positions to justify supporting a man who is an insult to all that they claim to believe.

Donald Trump is fond of saying, “The evangelicals love me and I love them,” but wishes of death aren’t any expression of love. They are a desperate hoping that God will save them from their partisan blindness.

God isn’t the Republican Party’s personal hitman.

He or she isn’t going to whack Trump to help some Pennsylvania pastors sleep better at night after they betrayed their faith and values by supporting Donald Trump.

Even the evangelicals don’t want Trump, but the fact that they are still going to vote for him and then hope for divine intervention is exactly why the Republican Party continues to fail on a national level.

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