Stunning Texas Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Is Close To Turning Lone Star State Blue

The bedrock Republican state of Texas could go for Hillary Clinton has Donald Trump’s Lone Star state lead as shrunk to within the margin of error.

WFAA reported on their latest Texas poll:
The survey, commissioned by WFAA-TV and Texas TEGNA television stations, shows Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 47 percent to 43 percent. The margin of error is four percent.


Regionally, Trump leads by eight points in North Texas, which includes Dallas and Fort Worth and 41 surrounding counties. In Houston and 59 surrounding counties making up east and southeast Texas, Trump leads Clinton by six points.


Trump has his strongest support in west Texas, including El Paso and 87 counties – leading his Democratic challenger by 15 points.

But Clinton is ahead in Austin, San Antonio and Central Texas. She also leads by nine points in the Rio Grande Valley.

While Texans don’t agree with Hillary Clinton much on the issues, 63% of respondents said that it is ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ important that all candidates release their tax returns.

Trump is underperforming Mitt Romney by 12 points in the state, and he is getting 9 points less support than John McCain got in 2008.

The Texas struggles of Donald Trump are an omen for what could be a national landslide against the Republican nominee. If Trump wins Texas by single digits, it is impossible to see a realistic scenario where he wins the popular vote.

If he underperforms in the largest Republican state in the country, it will be a sign that election night could get very ugly for the Republican Party. With only weeks left in the campaign, Donald Trump doesn’t have time to turn around his standing in Texas.

The odds are that Trump is going to be the worst performing nominee in the Lone Star State since Bob Dole won the state by 5 points in 1996.

Dole lost to Bill Clinton by 9 points nationally, and in the Electoral College 379-159. If Hillary Clinton pulls out a win in Texas, it will signal the biggest presidential election landslide since 1984.

What was unfathomable to Democrats just one year ago, could happen. Hillary Clinton could turn Texas blue, thanks to the total collapse of Donald Trump.