Comedian Russell Brand Calls Donald Trump a ‘Wanton Baby’


Thanks to his endless and uncontrolled outbursts, Donald Trump[ has become a magnet for unwanted attention, and British comedian and actor Russell Brand, in an interview to be aired tonight interview on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” did not hold back, calling Trump a ‘wanton baby.’

Brand recounts his meeting with Donald Trump, which took place in Trump Tower.

Watch courtesy of the Jonathan Ross Show:


“Yeah, he was actually pretty rude to me but I sort of like him a bit because he’s sort of like a wanton baby,” said Brand, launching into an impersonation of Trump.

“He invited me into his tower, which has got his name written on it which has got his name written on it, which is sort of charming in a way, like a baby would. My tower!”

According to Brand, Trump offered him a gift of anything in his office:

“I went in his office and he said you can choose any one thing from the office. And I was like, I thought, that was a weird thing to say to someone, that’s like a Willy Wonka move, no? He (Trump) had Muhammad Ali’s heavyweight boxing belt on the wall and loads of good sports memorabilia. I thought I should have some of that but then I thought no, then he’ll have one over on me.”

He says he finally took a pen, but “I should’ve taken his hair dryer. That would have slowed him down a bit.”

If only.