Kentucky Is Now A Toss Up As Trump Support Collapses In Mitch McConnell’s Home State

A new poll of Kentucky reveals that Donald Trump has nearly blown a 12 point lead in Mitch McConnell’s home state, and now leads Hillary Clinton within the poll’s margin of error.

A LEX 18 poll of Kentucky found that Trump is dropping like a stone in the Bluegrass State. Trump has gone from a lead of 35%-23% to a lead of 31%-28% with 29% of the electorate undecided. What is encouraging for Democrats in Kentucky is that Hillary Clinton’s gain in support (+5) was larger than Trump’s loss of support (-4).

The Kentucky poll is a good reminder that Trump’s slide isn’t only occurring in national polls. Donald Trump is in decline in solid Republican territory. So far, Trump’s slide hasn’t harmed down-ballot Republicans in Kentucky, but Republican incumbents in swing states might not be so lucky.

The nation is less than three weeks away from election day, and there are serious questions about whether Donald Trump will win deep red states like Arizona, Utah, Kentucky, and Texas. Election day could be more than a Democratic victory. The 2016 election could be a landslide rejection of Donald Trump, and everything that the Republican Party has come to stand for over the past eight years.

What is unfolding is nothing less than the destruction of the far-right led Republican Party.