Mark Cuban Reduces Giuliani To Babble On Clinton Conspiracies, Trump Business Failures

Rudy Giuliani is good at babbling nonsense when no one is around to challenge him, but in a pre-debate debate on CNN between the former New York mayor and real billionaire Mark Cuban, he wasn’t allowed to get away with it.

From complaining about email classification to calling Trump “courtly” with women, Cuban wasn’t having it.


After Giuliani rambled about the government’s classification system and Clinton’s memory, Cuban set him straight, saying the former mayor’s comments are “like out of the X-files.”

Cuban said:

You’re so wrong. First of all, she’s an OCA, which means she has the opportunity to decide what is or what is not classified. She made the professional decision that it wasn’t classified, as did the people who worked for her. Somebody disagreed. Disagreements in classification are commonplace – that’s why there are hearings, that’s why there are different departments that work with these things.

On the issue of the 2005 videotape in which Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, Giuliani quickly changed the subject to Trump’s “successful” business experience. Cuban wouldn’t let him get away with that lie either.


He said:

So let’s talk about [Trump’s] great success in business. Name any of his products that are still successful. He cheated – cheated! – 6,000 people from Trump University, hardworking men and women. He took more than 6,000 people, he took tens of thousands of dollars from. That’s success in business? Trump Games, Trump Cards, Trump Steaks, Trump clothes, you know when somebody has to give their name and sell their name that often, that tells me they’re desperate. He has not had a long track record in business. I guess him credit, he’s done okay in real estate, but everything else he’s been a major failure at. And now he’s crushing his brands … Everything he says hurts his brand even more.

In a way, Rudy Giuliani is just like Donald Trump. He’s good at standing behind a podium and spewing incoherent thoughts, but he quickly crumbles when faced with actual facts.

Trump will likely face the same problem on Wednesday night when he debates Hillary Clinton for the final time of this campaign.