Trump Promised To Win New York. Hillary Clinton Is Beating Him By 24 Points.

In September, Donald Trump vowed that he would win his home state of New York, but a new Sienna College poll found Hillary Clinton crushing him by 24 points.

On September 7, Trump told the New York Conservative Party convention, “Just so you understand, we are going to play New York. You know, we’re not just doing this for fun. We’re going to play New York. We are going to play so hard and win. We are going to win this state. It’s going to shock people, and by the way, you know if we win this state, it’s over. We win, OK? We win.”

A new a Siena College Research Institute poll of likely voters in New York found that Trump is losing his home state bigly. Clinton leads Trump 54%-30%. Only 5% of voters are undecided. Among Hillary Clinton voters in the state, Donald Trump has a 98% unfavorable rating. Trump’s favorable rating with Clinton voters is 1%.

Trump’s standing in his own state is getting worse. The Real Clear Politics average of New York polls is Clinton (+21). Trump has gone from trailing Hillary Clinton by 18 points in August to 24 points today.

The Republican nominee’s pledge to win New York was empty hot air from a candidate whose only specialty is selling voters false promises and phony bluster that only the most gullible would believe.

Donald Trump isn’t going to going to win New York and the fact that he believed he would illustrate the depths of the delusions of the Republican nominee.