America Rejects Trump And Hits Him In The Wallet As His Hotel Business Plummets

Trump’s presidential campaign has made the Trump brand toxic, as his hotel business is so bad that bookings are down 59%.

According to Hipmunk, “The share of bookings at Trump Hotels on Hipmunk as a percent of total hotel bookings are down, decreasing 58.46 percent compared to the same period last year. While overall Hipmunk hotel bookings have been on the rise year-over-year, that has not been the case with bookings of Trump Hotels.”

Even Trump’s new hotel in Washington, D.C. is suffering. While every other 5-star accommodation was booked for a recent IMF conference in the city, Trump’s hotel was reducing rates because they were unable to fill the building.

Trump’s brand is so toxic that a new line of Trump hotels targeted to millennial travelers is removing his name.

The American people are voting with their wallets, and rejecting everything that the Trump name has come to stand for. Donald Trump is permanently damaging his business and brand by running for president on a platform of sexism, racism, hate, and division.

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck were never the same after the people spoke with their pocketbooks. Donald Trump is going down the same path at a more accelerated rate. Trump’s business is his brand.

There is a strong possibility that Trump will not only lose the election in an epic landslide, but he will also destroy his brand and cost himself millions of dollars.

Voters aren’t waiting until they get to the polls. The rejection of Donald Trump has already begun.