Mike Pence Abandons Trump With Coded Plea For Help While Encouraging Kids To “Just Flee”

Even Pence is jumping off of the Trump train. Or he really, really wants to “just flee, just get away.”

The running mate of the imploding Donald Trump, Mike Pence, told kids in New Hampshire today that when they are dealing with things that can “really destroy” their dreams, they should “just flee. Just leave it. Walk away. Get away.”

As the campaign has gone on, Mike Pence has sounded more like the abductee in a hostage video than a candidate for vice president. Trump set the tone for their non-relationship when he unveiled Pence as his running mate by ignoring him and refusing to share the stage with the guy that he just put on the Republican ticket.

In the subsequent weeks, the Trump/Pence non-relationship has worsened to the point of Trump disagreeing with his own running mate during a presidential debate. When Mike Pence speaks about Trump, the words always give the impression that they came directly from the nominee’s own mouth.

It sounded ike Pence is talking to himself while addressing the kids. The question is, will the Indiana Governor listen?

There’s no doubt that being tethered to a sexually assaulting braggart is a downer, especially for such a buttoned up secret sexist as Pence.

Such a thing can really brand a guy.


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