Stung By Clinton Allegations, Trump Claims He Used No Undocumented Workers in DC Hotel

So Donald Trump has responded to Hillary Clinton’s accusation that he used undocumented workers to build his new D.C. hotel, a 263-room luxury hotel just blocks from the White House. Trump claims he used no undocumented workers – and as we saw earlier, oh yeah, Hillary Clinton sleeps three days at a time.

Trump’s decision to attend the grand opening rather than campaign raised many eyebrows, not just in the Clinton camp. Republican strategist Steve Schmidt told MSNBC,

“He is not doing any of the normal activities that you’d be doing 13 days out in a presidential race for somebody who’s competitive. You don’t take a time-out to tend to your business interests.”

As Libby Nelson wrote at Vox, “Clinton is making her closing argument. Trump is making infomercials.”

All this seems to have stung the thin-skinned Trump, who previously set aside his campaign to open a golf course in Scotland. As CBS News’ Sopan Deb tweets, Trump’s defense was a little odd, to say the least:

The Republican nominee protested to CNN’s Dana Bash, “For you to ask me that question is actually very insulting because Hillary Clinton does one stop, and then she goes home and sleeps.” It is literally impossible for Trump to hear criticism without responding by attacking somebody else.

Trump’s defense reveals a man who is overly sensitive to criticism: he “works all the time” while Clinton sleeps “for three days.” He says he took “an hour off” (it was a bit more than that) to open his new hotel while “she wants to sleep all the time.”

He says Clinton gives one speech and then sleeps for three days. In fact, Clinton made two “Get Out the Vote” stops in Florida yesterday; she makes an appearance with the president and first lady today in North Carolina and has two appearances scheduled in Iowa for the day after.

And Trump’s heated denial of using undocumented workers is unconvincing, considering his track record in that regard.

It is a fact, as Hillary Clinton said yesterday, that Donald Trump “once again” used undocumented labor to build a hotel. He used undocumented labor to build Trump Tower. And The Washington Post reports that “Trump’s new downtown D.C. hotel was built thanks to the efforts of a large workforce that included Hispanic construction workers, including some workers who say they are undocumented.” Said one worker in 2015, “The majority of us are Hispanics, many who came illegally.”

The old saw about the man who protests too much comes to mind, in reading Trump’s denial. This is a man who has a history of exploiting undocumented immigrants and according to the workers themselves, this remains true.

Nonsensical talk about his opponent sleeping for three days straight is pure deflection, and it won’t work. Trump already has his clothing lines made in China, Mexico, and elsewhere, and he has used undocumented labor even while railing against the loss of American jobs.

Trump is a hypocrite, and hissy fits and deflection are no answer to the allegations against him, and certainly no recommendation for the office of president.