Comey’s October Surprise Blows Up In His Face As Democrats Drop The Hammer On FBI Boss

Senate Democrats aren’t playing around with FBI Director James Comey. Four top Democrats sent Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch a letter demanding details on the emails that the FBI is investigating by Monday.
In the letter, Sens. Carper, Leahy, Feinstein, and Cardin wrote:


Senate Democrats aren’t fooling around. They want answers, and they want them right now. As more details become known, FBI Director Comey’s motives have come under criticism. Comey was advised by Attorney General Lynch not to send his letter until after the election, but he sent it anyway.

Comey worried to FBI employees that his letter would be misunderstood, but he could have easily avoided any misunderstanding by either being specific in his letter or not sending the letter at all. It is becoming difficult to look at Comey’s actions in an objective manner and not see partisan political motivations.

The FBI Director has interfered in a presidential election with new emails that have nothing to do with the Democratic nominee, but can be used by her opponents for political purposes.

Democrats are demanding answers, and if James Comey doesn’t answer their questions by Monday, he will be forced to under oath if the Democratic Party wins a majority of seats in the Senate.

Either way, Comey’s October surprise has blown up in his own face.