Actor James Franco’s Unique Way of Saying He Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has the support of many celebrities, from singer Katy Perry to actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio and director and producer Steven Spielberg to actor George Cloony.

But she’s never had an endorsement like the ones she has received from Actor James Franco.

James Franco has been in many movies and in many roles, from Marvel Comics films to the controversial “Interview” that earned death threats from North Korea, but perhaps never one quite as unusual as his ads in support of Hillary Clinton.

Watch his most recent 30-second video clip posted to Instagram Tuesday (his previous clip can be found here), which features him in nothing but a bath towel with a Hillary logo and a suave insouciance:

Franco lists a most unusual list of Clinton accomplishments: “She didn’t just bring Iran to the table, she whittled the table from a single piece of oak,” he says, adding that “Her laugh is in the Smithsonian. Yoda was her apprentice.”

“She’s the most interesting woman in the world.”

He concludes by telling his audience, “I don’t usually endorse candidates, but when I do they’re extraordinary. Vote wisely my friends.”