Trump Limps Toward Defeat As GOP Pollsters Say Hillary Clinton Will Get At Least 304 EVs

Even Republican pollsters are projecting that Hillary Clinton will win well above the needed 270 electoral college votes to win the White House.

John Harwood of CNBC tweeted:

The Republican pollsters all seem to think that Hillary Clinton is going to win Florida. Only one of the three pollsters Harwood spoke to believed that she would lose NC. My own Politicus Presidential projection map aligns more with the latter two Republican pollsters. I think Clinton is going to finish with either 322 or 323 electoral college votes as the most likely outcome.

Harwood also tweeted that Clinton may be in the process of tipping Ohio:

If Hillary Clinton wins Ohio, the rout is on.

The fact that Republican pollsters aren’t disputing the likely outcome of the presidential election speaks volumes about the presidential race. The Clinton campaign has done an amazing job with early voting and may have locked down victories in Nevada, Florida, and North Carolina before election day.

Hillary Clinton is almost to the finish line. It is up to Democratic voters to come out on Tuesday to help her win the race.