Wearing a #SafetyPin is a Symbol of Solidarity for Those Opposed to Trumpism and Hate

As the BBC explains, safety pins were worn after the Brexit vote in the UK as a protest against a rise in hate crime.

The election of Donald Trump and the advent of the American Brexit, along with the Republican nominee’s long list of grievances and hatreds for various minorities has made the safety pin relevant in the United States, such as that sported by actor Sir Patrick Stewart, who tweeted this message:

Messages like that retweeted by singer Nancy Sinatra are making the rounds on social media platforms:

Messages like these are common, and in the days to come, will no doubt become more so as Americans come to grips with the evil we will soon be facing in our own White House:

Donald Trump expressed hatred for the LGBT community, for Mexicans, for Muslims, Asians, and Jews during his campaign, but there are plenty of safety pins to go around, and plenty of tolerance and love backing them up.