Trump Betrays American Workers By Staffing His Cabinet With TPP Supporters

Trump’s promise to drain the swamp and reject TPP appears to have been left back on the campaign trail as the president-elect is loading his cabinet with TPP supporters.

The Wall Street Journal reported:
President-elect Donald Trump railed against the Trans-Pacific Partnership on his way to winning the White House and has vowed immediately to withdraw the U.S. from the 12-nation accord.

Several of his cabinet picks and other early nominees to top posts, however, have endorsed or spoken favorably about the trade pact, including Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, announced Wednesday as Mr. Trump’s pick for ambassador to China, and retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, Mr. Trump’s pick to head the Department of Defense.

Three of Trump’s top contenders for secretary of state, his nominee for commerce secretary, and his own vice president also support TPP.

It is becoming clear that President-elect Trump’s actions are not matching his words. Trump talked a big game about rejecting “bad trade deals,” but as the rubber is beginning to hit the road, he will be staffing his administration with people who support TPP.

It looks like Trump is setting the stage for a betrayal of US workers. Trump promised the moon and stars to white Rust Belt voters who felt like the economy left them behind, but he is building an administration full of sympathetic ears to corporations and trade agreements.

The Carrier deal was smoke and mirrors show that was designed to hide the true intentions of this administration from American workers.

Workers who felt forgotten put their trust in Trump, and being set up to be rewarded for their trust with another broken promise.