Gen. Barry McCaffrey Says Michael Flynn’s Pizzagate Tweets ‘Border on Demented’

Gen. Barry McCaffrey told NBC News that while he initially approved of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as National Security Adivser, he is now “extremely uneasy” because of the tweets sent out by Flynn and his son, which “border,” he says, “on being demented.”

Watch courtesy of NBC News:

“You know, I was very strong in my endorsement of him when he was first announced for the NSA position. I said he was, correctly, probably the best intelligence officer of his generation. But I must admit I’m now extremely uneasy about some of these tweets, which don’t sound so much as if they are political skullduggery, but instead border on being demented. So I think we need to look into this and sort out what’s going on here. I think that we need to aggressively examine what was going on with General Flynn and his son dealing with these transparent, nearly demented tweets that were going out. I think it needs closer scrutiny.”

Flynn tweeted fake news to his 106K followers 16 times since August 9, according to Politico, the most damaging being those related to a supposed child-sex ring run by Hillary Clinton out of a DC pizzeria – still being repeated by Alex Jones – which came close to resulting in a body count.

Politico cites former State Department policy adviser Peter Singer, who said,

“We are not talking about policy toward China or Russia. We are talking about some of the most bizarre conspiracy theories out there. We are down the rabbit hole. How can you take him seriously when he is discussing people in D.C. drinking human blood? It is exasperating.”

We are certainly right to worry about the people Trump is surrounding himself with, and having a National Security Adviser who prefers fantasies to facts is about as alarming a thought as you can have. Who knows who we might shoot missiles at over what invented story originating with the man closest to the president.

Were Flynn to not get the NSA position we would still likely get demented tweets out of the White House, because Trump, but at least Trump would not wake up every morning to having them whispered in his ear.