All Those “Real American” Patriots and Oathkeepers Are Frauds

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:41 pm

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

About eight years ago Americans saw an honest-to-dog rash of so-called American “patriots” take to the streets, many with firearms strapped to their backs, to protest the election of an African American man as President. Their primary complaint was that Barack Obama was illegitimate and “not really American” simply because he was not white. It was a meme that continued throughout the 2012 general election and beyond. President Obama’s election also incited a frightening increase in so-called “patriot” groups, the so-called “real Americans,” whose claim to legitimacy was their sworn duty to America and specifically the Constitution.

Now that the entire world knows that Donald Trump benefitted from his friends in Moscow, friends that waged “a form of warfare” on America, it is curious there isn’t a whisper, much less outrage, from the so-called “patriot” class of “real Americans.” Their silence speaks volumes to their fraudulent claim to “patriotism.” Because if they, like their hero Trump, believe a hostile foreign government attacking “the pillar of our democracy” is remotely acceptable, they are no more American patriots or “Oathkeepers” than Vladimir Putin.

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First, it is noteworthy that deceitful Donald has been closely aligned with the Russian Putin and his regime throughout the campaign; even if it was only to express his undying adoration and praise of the dirty dictator. This applies to congressional Republicans as well because they really wanted a rubber-stamp in the Oval Office.  It is exceedingly curious, however, that the “faux patriots and real Americans” weren’t raging against Trump throughout the campaign for being blatantly “un-American.”

No real American would ever embrace what House Speaker Paul Ryan said was “an aggressor that consistently undermines American interests.” And yet the “real American patriots,” including House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, were silent and turned out to vote for their “Rusky-loving” hero after listening to Trump wax adoringly about Putin for months.

However, even though Mr. Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are finally speaking out; one wonders exactly where in the Hell are all the “real American patriots” and why are they hiding? If they turned out in the streets raging with guns in tow over an African American man’s election, or passage of healthcare insurance reform, or because Republicans shut down the government; why are they cowering now that a serious attack on the “pillar of our democracy” has been revealed for all the world to see?

The answer is crystal clear: the so-called “real American,” tea party patriots and their right-wing militias, Oathkeepers and gun-fanatics are simply frauds. If those “faux patriots” need an example of what a patriot is in 2016, there are Republicans who are as outraged at Trump’s Russia connection as millions of Americans who don’t need labels, silly yellow snake flags or guns to express their loyalty to America; they are the real patriots.

Regardless of what one’s opinion and assessment of Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain might be, they put America’s interests first; it is what a patriot does. It is true that both McCain and Graham are incredibly more prone to saber-rattling and warmongering than one supports, but they take their allegiance to the United States seriously; it is what a patriot does. Both McCain and Graham are also acutely aware of the aggression and anti-American mindset driving dumb Donnie’s idol Putin and the threats Putin and his incoming White House puppet pose to America.

Mr. McCain, in particular, has a firm grasp on exactly what kind of foreign tyrant attacked America’s “pillar of democracy” to put his candidate in the White House. Over the weekend McCain accurately described Trump’s, and his choice for secretary of state’s, good friend Putin:

Vladimir Putin is a thug, a bully, and a murderer, and anybody else who describes him as anything else is lying.”

This column has said on more than one occasion, and will say it ad nauseam; any American citizen that is not outraged beyond comprehension that a presidential candidate was aligned with, and received campaign and electoral assistance from, a “thug, a bully and a murderer” running an adversarial foreign power is not a “real American;” or any kind of “patriot.” No real American, self-professed “patriot” or not, would ever consider sitting idly by after a serious attack on America’s pillar of democracy, they just couldn’t. Millions of Americans are not taking an attack on America sitting down; they are the real patriots.

What is abundantly clear to real Americans is that any other American who still supports a White House-bound friend of Putin and beneficiary of “warfare against America” is a traitor. And that particularly includes each and every one of the so-called “real American” patriots, Oathkeepers and militia-types who never wavered in supporting Trump despite his love-affair with a foreign “aggressor that consistently undermines American interests.”

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