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Trump Wins Electoral College And Becomes The Most Unpopular President-Elect In History

On the same day that Trump won the electoral college, a new poll found that he will enter the White House as the first president with a negative approval rating.

Donald Trump has won the Electoral College and currently sits at 304 electoral college votes:

Trump also was found to be the first president-elect with a net negative approval rating.

According to the latest NBC News/WSJ poll, “While Trump’s overall favorability has ticked up modestly since before the election, he remains underwater, with more Americans giving him a poor rating (46 percent) than a positive one (40 percent.) That marks the first time that an incoming president has been viewed more negatively than positively in the history of the NBC/WSJ poll.”

Yes, Donald Trump will be the next president, but the majority of Americans are not happy about it.

Any other incoming administration might see the poll numbers and be alarmed, but the arrogance surrounding the Trump team means that they will continue to pander to the minority of the country that supported them. Trump’s election is providing Democrats with a fantastic opportunity. The opposition doesn’t need to wait for the next president to become unpopular. He already is. Democrats should be ready to pounce on day one of his administration.

The Trump presidency may be living on borrowed time before it has even begun.

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