Trouble Grows For Trump As Large Majority Wants Investigation Into Russia Election Meddling


Trump’s attempts to sway the public away from demanding an investigation in Russian election meddling are failing as a new Suffolk University poll found that Americans want an investigation by a nearly two to one margin.

According to the Suffolk University poll, “A majority (57 percent) were very/somewhat concerned about U.S. intelligence agencies’ conclusions that Russian state interests tried to meddle in the U.S. presidential election, while 38 percent were not very/not at all concerned. However, a majority (62 percent) said that Congress and the new Trump administration should investigate the allegations of Russian interference, while 33 percent disagreed.”

So much for the Republican idea that the Russian election interference can be quietly swept under the rug. Perhaps, the big Republican strategy is to make people forget about the Russian election meddling by taking away health care from 30 million Americans.


The road is about to get very rocky for the Republican Party. Republicans had been dreaming of total control of the federal government for eight years, and now they are about to make some very unpopular decisions. The American people want an investigation into Russia’s election meddling. A general investigation into Russia’s cyber activities is not going to do the trick. Donald Trump giving interviews to friendly networks and programs where he calls concerns about Russian election hacking Democratic excuse making are not going to cut it.

A large majority of the country wants to know the extent of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. The questions go straight to the heart of questions about the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency. By not embracing the investigation or acknowledging the validity of the questions, the president-elect is setting himself up for a scandal-riddled administration.