Corruption Overload As Trump Makes Money Off President-Elect’s New Year’s Eve Party

The president-elect is already personally profiting from the presidency, as Trump sold tickets to a New Year’s Eve party that will be held at his private club and attended by the Trump family.

Politico reported, “Mar-a-Lago, the pricey private resort in Palm Beach, Florida, sold hundreds of tickets at more than $500 a piece to an annual New Year’s Eve extravaganza planned for Saturday night that will feature a very special guest: the president-elect of the United States of America and his family. President-elect Donald Trump owns the members-only luxury resort, which each year sells tickets to swank parties it throws on holidays and special occasions, including New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Trump sold 800 tickets whose prices ranged from $525 to $575, which means that at a minimum the president-elect personally took in $420,000 from his New Year’s Eve party.

The fact that the Trump family is still holding events at their private club for profit is problematic. The bigger issue is that the president-elect is attending the New Year’s Eve party. A selling point for the event was Trump’s attendance.

It doesn’t take a presidential ethics expert to understand what is happening. Trump is selling his status as president for personal or family financial gain. The doors are not only open to corruption, but there is a big red neon sign hanging over the door that says graft here.

Presidential ethics groups and experts are warning that Trump is setting the stage for massive conflicts of interest, and have warned that the president-elect’s belief that he is above ethics laws is flat out wrong.

The presidency is for sale, and Donald is wasting no time before he cashes in.