Trump’s Anti-Obamacare Tweetstorm is Full of Lies, Empty of Facts


Donald Trump, when he was done blaming not Russia but Hillary Clinton and the DNC for the collapse of American democracy, returned his attention back to Obamacare and it’s many alleged failings:


These are constant themes in Trump’s attacks on the healthcare reform that, for the first time, gave many Americans a chance of seeing a doctor – and of not being denied needed care. The system is perfect by no means, but it is a lot better than what we had before, and to what Republicans want to return us to.

Media Matters for America provided 10 facts reporters should mention when they cover Obamacare, and none of them will be mentioned by Donald Trump or congressional Republicans, or indeed, by the mainstream media:

1. Passage Of The ACA Has Resulted In The Lowest Uninsured Rate In Recent History
2. The ACA Medicaid Expansion Provided Health Care Access For Millions Of The Most Vulnerable Americans
3. The ACA Tangibly Improved Women’s Health Care Coverage
4. The ACA Helped America Take Huge Steps Toward LGBTQ Equality
5. Contrary To Popular Belief, The ACA Extended The Solvency Of Medicare By Over 10 Years
6. The ACA Reduced The Budget Deficit, Reined In Medical Costs, And Reduced Economic Inequality
7. The ACA Improved Health Care Access For Minority Communities.
8. The ACA Banned Discrimination Against Those With Pre-Existing Conditions
9. The ACA Provided Crucial Insurance To Young Adults
10. The ACA Resulted In The Biggest Expansion Of Mental Health Care Services In Decades

These are just plain facts, and they are beyond dispute. Every American, whether they have obtained coverage on the marketplace or not, benefit from eliminating limitations based on pre-existing conditions and this list does not even include the elimination of lifetime limits which would render care of expensive medical conditions all but impossible.

Donald Trump made opposition to Obamacare central to his campaign, but as usual, his attacks are lacking a factual basis. When Donald Trump speaks of “poor coverage,” it needs to be remembered that we’re talking about an additional 20 million + who have coverage and didn’t have it before.

When Mike Pence tweeted this morning, “We’re going to keep our promise to the American people. Our 1st order of business will be to repeal & replace Obamacare,” he was doing nothing less than attacking the health – and in some cases, the lives – of millions of Americans.

Leave it to Donald Trump and the GOP to politicize healthcare. Nancy Pelosi deems the repeal of Obamacare with no alternative “an act of cowardice.” As Chuck Schumer says, the GOP Obamacare repeal plan would “Make America Sick Again.” It sure won’t make America great.